Sunday, March 25, 2012

Oh, The Places I've Been!

I like to drum up support for the literary magazines I like, which happen to be the ones I submit stories to, likewise. I had an echap from Pangur Ban Party come out this month, featuring stories that will be included in my collection, Why God Why, still very much forthcoming from Love Symbol Press.

Because I love the publications, and because I think great publications are deserving of as much attention as can be got, I've included links to all the places I've been and their most current issues. I'm also gonna include links to a few books I've been reviewing for Untoward that I think you ought to at least look into. Some of them hardly need anymore press but I'm giving it anyway. They all deserve to be recognized. People need to know they exist, if in the event that they don't already. SERIOUSLY!

Lit mag links:

Fix It Broken Issue 4 - HERE!

Prick of the Spindle 6.1 - HERE!


Pangur Ban Party, My echap, There! Words! - HERE!

Books to watch out for:

Michael Czyzniejewski's Chicago Stories: 40 Dramatic Fictions - HERE!

Paul Kavanagh's Iceberg - HERE!

Adam Levin's Hot Pink - HERE!

Diana Salier's Letter From Robots - HERE! 

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