Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Post Designed To Make Me Feel Less Hateful Today And Beyond

Feeling hateful. Feeling angry. It's those successive events that seem to spiral and make you angrier and angrier as time goes on. I won't list them. They'll seem petty and childish to anyone but me. I'd rather save myself the embarrassment of being a complete and utter baby. An Udder Baby, a baby crying for udders as a calf probably does.

WHY do I have to feel hateful? I want to feel creative and carefree and more like the humanitarian and less like the misanthrope. I LOVE YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE! Even though at times I'm too hung up on my own feelings of insularity and introversion and general discomfort at being out there among you.

I've been reading the short works of Kafka! He rules! I love his short works, especially. I love how weird they are, like crystals of ice that will never melt but retain that sense of their own fragility somehow. Humanity can never know they won't melt, but they won't. They're out there in the ether insisting you never forget and always remember whatever you can.

Oh, another thing that is a favorite thing right now? Unstuck #1. I am really enjoying it. Practically every story so far has been really imaginative and fun. Blends genres, kicks ass. I encourage you to check them out. They're mostly out of print, but you can get both of the previous issues on e-reader.

I miss Ashley but she'll be back at 5:30 or so and maybe, just maybe, we will go see a movie tonight! THAT'D BE GREAT!

I am feeling a lot better now. Thanks for listening and all.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Missed This When It First Appeared. Thanks, YouTUBE!

Take a listen. It's only 44 minutes of life, and I think it does a great job of encapsulating some of the things about Wallace that paradoxically defy encapsulation. Really. No irony! The documentary touches on the ironic, too. Wallace's view of its pernicious effect, and how TV over the last forty years has played a significant role in its diminished effectiveness. But that's not all.