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Big VenerableCCLaP Publishing, 2015 (something I wrote about it HERE (Real Pants); (reviews of it HERE (Dead End Follies)HERE (Necessary Fiction)HERE (The Collagist)HERE (Books and Whatnot)  and HERE (Electric Literature)(interviewed about it HERE (The Inductor) and HERE (The Nervous Breakdown Self-Interview); (talking about it with Ben Tanzer and Joseph G. Peterson on This Podcast Will Change Your Life HERE); and mentioned HERE (The Chicago Tribune), HERE (NANO Fiction) and HERE (The Chicago Book Review)) and here on Goodreads)

Why God Why, Love Symbol Press, 2013, also available for Nook and Kobo (reviews of it HERE (Banango Lit) , HERE (TNBBC), and HERE (American Microreviews) and here it is on Goodreads)

Reviews, Interviews, Commentary and other Non-Fiction

SmokeLong Quarterly Interview - "Smoking w/ Cole Meyer"

Necessary Fiction - Book Review, Valletta78

On Sports - "The Chicago Bears This Season (or "Audible Sigh")"

On Sports - "Phew, We Are The Champions (And by “We” I Mean the Chicago Blackhawks Are, and I Watched It Happen), A Stanley Cup Playoffs Postscript and Look At The Off-season"

On Sports - "Caring A Lot About Sports: Terrible Thing To Do?" 

On Sports - "Blackhawks Sportsing the Sports World on Fire, Sports"

Real Pants - "Big Venerable Menu: Egg Casserole and Simulated Water"

SmokeLong Quarterly Interview - "Smoking w/ Roblin Meeks"

Electric Literature - "Chicago Dispatch: Seven Innovative Chicago Magazines"

Another Chicago Magazine Blog - "Summer Reading List 2014"

Another Chicago Magazine Blog - "Fiction Editor Introduction"

SmokeLong Quarterly Interview - "Smoking w/ Bezalel Stern"

On Sports - "Warrior Culture and Football"

On Sports - "Melting Down with You, Jay"

On Sports - "Blackhawks Fandom and the Controversy Therein"

Artifice Blog - "Possibilities of Evils: Education in Reading a Shirley Jackson Classic"

Untoward Magazine - "An Amazingly Adult and Fantastically Giant Interview w/ A D Jameson Part II"

Untoward Magazine - "An Amazingly Adult and Fantastically Giant Interview w/ A D Jameson Part I"

Untoward Magazine - "An 'Everything that is the Case' Interview w/ Lindsay Hunter"

Fiction and Poetry


Necessary Fiction - "When the robots arrived"

Noctua Review Vol. 9 - "Energy Ball in Need of Sustention"

The Spectacle - "Frontiersmen"

Pacifica Literary Review #8 - "Aren't We Required to Never Be" (2016 Pushcart Prize nominee)

Timber Journal Vol. 6.1 - "No Me Say It"


Jelly Bucket #6 - "Escape is even more difficult to escape"

The Nervous Breakdown - "The Bureau of Everything Fitting Into Its Rightful Place" (excerpt, reprint)

The Gigantic Worlds Anthology - "The Field"

Pacifica Literary Review - "Arms"

CCLaP Weekender - "The Baker's Family"

This Zine Will Change Your Life - "Clogged Sink"

CCLaP Weekender - "The Bureau of Everything Fitting Into Its Rightful Place" (2015 Pushcart Prize nominee)


CCLaP Weekender - "So Many Rickety Old Bridges"

Rubbertop Review - "Rat Day"

MAP Literary Journal - "Dog's Best Friend"

Split Lip Magazine - "Magic Computer"

NOÖ Journal 15 - "KNIFE Finder"

CCLaP Weekender - "Ripped Burgers" (2014 Pushcart Prize nominee)

CCLaP Weekender - "Big Venerable®"

BULL {Men's Fiction} - "Must Be, No Reason" and BULLshot interview w/Pete Witte

Pear Noir! 10 - "Hermit Crabs"

Johnny America - "Skins Like Wet Paper"

mojo journal - "Treehouses"

Big Lucks #6 (Print Issue) - "What Happened In This Dreams"

CCLaP Journal 5 - "Infant Flight"

Revenge of the Scammed Anthology - "Ruin"

Skydeer Helpking Issue 1 - "a farewell to arms" and "Glass Teeth"

Apiary - "Giant"

Atticus Review - "The Possibility Of Ghosts"

elsewhere - "Pay Us Money" (2014 Pushcart Prize nominee)

Necessary Fiction - "Brilliant People Gone Haywire"

CCLaP Journal 4 - "1208"


Cricket Online Review Vol. IX, No. II - "Last one in"

the Bicycle Review 25 - "Enthusiasm for the Final Climactic Showdown"

SWAY 3 - "Conspiracy To Be"

The Squawk Back - "The Humanitree"

Jersey Devil Press - "Zombies Near The Fence"  

theNewerYork - "Thanksgiving This Year"

Vector Press Issue 2 - "Hundreds" and "Halloween This Year" 

Toad: The Journal - "Eyesore Of A Thing" 

Big Lucks - "What Happened In This Dreams"

Monkeybicycle - "Solutions w/ Impact, "The Solution That Solves!" 

The Squawk Back - "Christmas This Year" 

Another Chicago Magazine 51 - "Watch Him Squeeze Stuff" 

h_ngm_n 15 - "A Brief Exchange," "Emergency Rooms, The Rooms Used In Event Of Emergency," "Ominous Friend," "Head Clouds," and "Spiders" (Prose Poems)

Artifice 5 - "Wielding Turtle" 

Cloud Rodeo - "If Looks Good, Kill" (2013 Best of the Net Nominee) 

[PANK] - "Always Looking For Ways To Forgive Myself For The Things I Can't Forgive Myself For" (Prose Poem)

Hobart - "Labyrinthian"  

Requited 8 - "O! PSYCHOPATHS!" and "The Pushing" 

Corium 12 - "Spare Change" 

Alice Blue Review 19 - "Say Whatever You Like," "Armies," and "Birds And Dirigibles In The Sky" (Prose Poems)

Red Lightbulbs 10 - "Why God Why" (Five-story excerpt from Why God Why collection)

The Hair Lit Anthology - "Service Memory" 


Red Lightbulbs 9.5 - "Mike Bushnell Is Better Than Tao Lin For The Following Many Reasons" (Secret Santa Special Issue) 

The Northville Review - "Infested With Louse" 

LOG 1 (via NAP) - "The Tree Stump" 

Red Lightbulbs 9 - "Tiny Tim Tebow" (Collaborative work w/ Sara June Woods) 

Booth Journal - "Rivals" 

Let People Poems - "Well Enough Away" 

Stymie Magazine - "Coaching"

Keep This Bag Away From Children - "Go Ahead, Wake And Dream This:" 

Anthology of Etiquette and Terrifying Angels with Many Heads - "I'm In A Law Firm" 

Knee-Jerk Magazine - "The O.K. Grocery Store Corral" (2013 wigleaf short fiction longlist selection)

SmokeLong Quarterly 37 - "Bad Traffic" (A SmokeLong Weekly pick for August 20, 2012, selected by guest editor Laura Ellen Scott) (Interview)

Banango Street Issue 2 - "Flesh Lbs"

kill author - "Love Hat"

The Big Jewel - "Fight In A Hole" 

Curbside Splendor Issue 3 - "Flowers"

NANO Fiction 5.2 - "Trashcan"

DOGZPLOT - "If You Yourself Were Nobler Than You Are Now"

Necessary Fiction - "The Sidewalk Ends"

Thunderclap 8 - "Faunist"

Fix It Broken - "'Larry's Gonna Die' Parrtayye"

Prick of the Spindle 6.1 - "Very Unique"

Stoked Vol. 4 - "How Much Garbage Bag Blood Do You Suppose Doctors Can Put Back Inside You?"

Pangur Ban Party - "There! Words!" (5 Short Fictions)

Dragnet 4 - "Horrible But Really Well Made"

NAP 2.2 - "Kierkegaard's Love Eternal"

elimae - "This Is Not There, Where I Am"


apt - "Painters"

Emprise Review - "Surveil"

Red Lightbulbs 5 - "He Runs Because He Wants To Be Fast"

the2ndhand - "Borne To The Grave With A Smile"

Red Fez - "Old Weather Vane"

This Zine Will Change Your Life - "Bad Baby"

Everyday Genius - "Money To Be Rich"

Defenestration - "Freedom Is Expensive As Shit" 

Jersey Devil Press - "The Badlands"

Johnny America - "There's Nothing Wrong With Having A Drink Of Water, Now And Again"

Bartleby Snopes - "An Interrogation" (Excerpt from a presently unpublished novella, Paltry Little Circumstances)

Metazen - "Forevergrad"

Untoward Magazine - "Captain Stanley"


Untoward Magazine - "The Happy Hole" 

Untoward Magazine - "The Walk-in-their-Footsteps Historical Footsteps Museum" 

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