Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Want Your Interest for a Minute

I'm just gonna fire right into this one. Went to Ear Eater for the first time yesterday. Apparently it's a reading usually held in a house and not a bar such as the Uptown Lounge, where it was held yesterday. But not this time, because it WAS held at the Uptown Lounge and it was hosted by Colin Winnette, who could quite possibly be the nicest person in the world. He should be in the running for that prize. And I don't mean that in some proto-Nietzschean (in which goodness is weakness), backhanded compliment sort of way. I mean that while I wish I were the nicest person in the world, Colin Winnette actually IS the nicest person in the world. So read his book! (read that also because he's a really good, up-and-coming writer.)

But also, at Ear Eater, some great writers. No surprise that Zach Dodson and A D Jameson were great. Love those guys. Zach Dodson read of England and bacon-ey chocolates to be had therein and Jameson read of a "great" friend whom he felt the need to disparage ad nauseam poetically.

It was Sara Levine who was my wild card, slated as the third reader in the group. But wow! She read a chapter from her forthcoming novel, "Treasure Island!!!" and WOW. Wow, I can't wait for this book. I need it and will have it. As will my girlfriend. We will each get copies. I will get one for her and then I will get one for me.


I had a few stories published, HERE and HERE.