Friday, May 10, 2013

Still challenged by poetry: Discomfort City

I wrote this poem as a poemed response to myself about tacos. I hope you enjoy. And I hope you live and laugh and love.

Discomfort City

I also wanted to mention that I was heading to Discomfort City recently because, and you won't believe this, I put too much spicy salsa on a taco. Here's the good news, the second taco? I didn't put that much spicy salsa on it. And you know what? I was ok. Imagine! Just like that. One taco sends me to Discomfort City but the second is Joy in a Taco Shell. And that's why I love tacos.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

wigleaf longlist and H_NGM_N

Hey, World!

A (very) short story of mine, "The O.K. Grocery Store Corral" from Knee-Jerk Magazine, made the wigleaf top 50 (very) short fiction longlist this year. I think this might be my first ever award of any kind in fiction? That's a really cool thing and I'm happy about it. I wanted to share the fact with all of you.

Also, some poems I wrote were published by poet/editor extraordinaire, Nate Pritts, and the great H_NGM_N this week. Take a gander at those, too, if you like. The issue is jammed full of other poets and all that I admire. You can (and really should) read them there, too.

Why God Why is now on Goodreads, for your information.

I'm reading several books right now but Lindsay Hunter's "Don't Kiss Me" (forthcoming from FSG) and James Tate's "Worshipful Company of Fletchers" are the most rocking of those books rocking my world right now. This is a thing I really want you to know.