Friday, October 21, 2011

Some items

A few things, though it is exhausting to have to bother with actually typing these posts and then getting to the "publish post" button, a button I want to call "click post" for some reason I can't explain.

1.) Untoward Magazine will be having its one-year anniversary reading on December 14th at the Beauty Bar in Chicago, IL. So save that date! Or be square.

2.) Mason Johnson is up to his old tricks with P. Fanatics, and I will be a part of this next one. Ben Tanzer and I plan to team up to do something potentially real nice. I know with B-Tanz involved, at least half of what we do will be good. The other half will be me, which is sort of a mixed bag as that goes. Anyway that happens at Cole's Bar on Milwaukee, November 13th. Be there, or sadly don't. Its start time is always approximately 7:30pm.

3.) I story of mine was published on Red Fez this month! I've included a link in my sidebar of publications there, but I'll post one here too! This is to the issue in total. Read other people's great work. Red Fez has too much great writing. It'd almost be a problem if it wasn't great.

4.) I will have several more stories coming out in the very near future, which I will tell you about as they happen. Thanks for reading.