Monday, March 5, 2012

My AWP Disappointments (So Few That They're Worth Mentioning)

1.) Not getting to talk to Sal Pane longer.

2.) Not meeting Nick Ostdick, Amber Sparks, Courtney Maum, Robert Kloss and Nate Pritts (among those whom I know were attending AWP and did not meet; don't get me started on those I haven't verified were in attendance)

3.) Meeting Mary Miller but not realizing she was THE Mary Miller (she was introduced to me as "Mary" which, in fairness, makes sense).

4.) Missing Amelia Gray's reading by mere tens of minutes, tops (although I believe it was less than that). (And I did get to meet her and she was wonderful and nice and that more than made up for my not getting to see / hear her read).

5.) I've still never spoken to Zach Dodson at any of these events, which is because of no good reason. He lives here, Chicago. I should really try to say hello. (sigh)

6.) Chad Redden, Shaun Gannon, DJ Berndt, Jess Dutschmann, Chris Kelly, Mike Bushnell, and Mike Kitchell's not staying forever!

7.) Josh Denslow's being unable to attend the Another AWP Reading.

8.) Faith Gardner's being unable to attend AWP.

9.) Meghan and Russ not winning the Karaoke Idol at Beauty Bar. (I demand a recount!)

10.) Peterbd's not coming to AWP and also not being someone I have ever physically seen, neither in person nor image.

All right, that's it. That's all the disappointment I can think of. Everything else was wondrous. Especially James Tadd Adcox. And even more especially Mason Johnson. And Dan Shapiro, also!

I'll come back and post more disappointments if I remember any of them. (Story of my life, right? Which is to say, disappointment.)


  1. Damn, that week-end was a bummer to you, wasn't it?

  2. Ironically no! No, it was not! It was great fun. But my disappointments were disappointing, and I felt they bear mentioning. AWP WAS AWESOME!!!!!!

  3. We will fix this. No man-child will be left behind disappointed post AWP.