Sunday, October 3, 2010

"The Instructions" by Adam Levin is COOOOMMMMIIIINNNGGG Soon to me!

Adam Levin is an author floating dangerously under the radar these days. My feeling is that will change with McSweeney's recent publication of his massive first novel, "The Instructions." It's getting called all sorts of things, as press releases and et cetera are wont to put forth, to build positive word of mouth and so forth, one imagines. (I think if you write a novel that exceeds 600 pages and you're under 40 years old you should just expect to be compared to David Foster Wallace, even if in no other way does your work resemble the late great DFW's.) I don't know. All I know is, I expect Levin will bring something decidedly different to the table, all his own. I don't get the impression he's the sort of author who writes a book of this staggering size without having something to say. He's too on the level from what I've heard from and of him to be that kind of self-indulgent. And he has written some wicked short fiction. Don't believe me? Fine. I don't care. I have bought "The Instructions," in any event. I am excited by what its reading may yield.

In related news, I've bought a slough of books lately, of which "The Instructions" is merely one I'm especially excited for. Others I'm similarly excited for (or I would not have bought them) are Patrick Somerville's upcoming "The Universe in Miniature in Miniature," Joseph McElroy's "A Smuggler's Bible," Curtis White's "Memories of My Father Watching TV," and Percival Everett's "I Am Not Sidney Poitier." Oh and Philip K. Dick, always Philip K. Dick. My thoughts on all of these authors and more will be forthcoming, I assure you. Thanks for your patience, small and loyal readership I've imagined for myself.

Know that I love you all very much, what is more!


  1. Just found your blog in the process of devouring everything I could find on the Interwebs about The Instructions. Can't wait to read that - and can't wait to read more of your literary equations. Cheers - from one Chicagoan to another!

  2. Hey Greg,

    Glad you've enjoyed what I got here. Adam Levin is a killer young writer, who could quickly become a pretty big name with this novel, if it lives up to his promise. His short stories are great. I know they're being released later this (or early next) year by McSweeney's in a collection called "Hot Pink" -- which the eponymous story happens to be my favorite of those of his I've read to date. Highly recommend finding some of his shorts, if possible.

    Anyway, perused your blog, and I'll be following you via my blog roll. Good stuff!