Monday, March 1, 2010

And What I've Been Thinking

Keeping up with any kind of consistency on this blog has proved to be, once again, a tricky thing for me. I say "once again" because I'm not sure what number blog this is in the litany I've had up to now. It's gotta be around the fourth or fifth, although I do think it has the clearest focus and for that, should be maintained with greater ease than the others I've attempted. But while this blog is necessarily about me and how I relate to literature, I really want to state concretely, here and now, that I wish to hear your opinions, too, world. Whoever you are, if you've had an opinion about a book I've named, or an author, or either of these brings to mind another book / author that had you feeling something -- let's talk about that, too. Leave a comment, share thoughts.

See I've been working towards why I care about literature, what drives me to read and purposeful discussion / analysis thereafter. I have a firmer grasp on why these days, I think -- and it's not purely unselfish. I would never pretend to be purely unselfish. Modesty is a nice personality trait but it's hard to imagine anyone who exists completely devoted to that ideal -- and if they do it's hard to imagine it's not for some hope that they live in the esteem of others for upholding that ideal. I could be wrong, but I think it's contrary to our programming to be unequivocally modest, especially from a purely biological standpoint. Instead, I think humans are meant to be dichotomous, one part living for others and the community at large, and another part living for themselves and their own individual (i.e. apart from the lives and livelihood of even their nuclear family) sustentation.

It's what allows us, possibly, to contain the multitudes Walt Whitman writes of in the poem, "Song of Myself." We are large, as Whitman also writes, and we are complex beings, so although it complicates our lives, our lives are gray and filled with questions not easily answered with yes or no. But I'm not writing of that as a disparagement of the human condition; I could, so could you, but I will take a stand here -- decide, if you will -- to view it as a positive. You don't have to agree, and in fact I encourage your dissension.

If this is beginning to sound like a Reader's Manifesto that's because maybe it is.


  1. I LOooooove sharing opinions and all. But you've read way more books than I have. And have way more time to read books than I do. Tell me what you're reading next, and I'll try and keep up and have something to contribute to the next round of posting.

  2. Well it's like I say, share with whatever you can. So like the amount of books read is not really the issue here. And before this breaks down into more of a "Big Lebowski" styled response, I'll stop -- but not before encouraging you and everyone else to share, share, share!

  3. Yeah, I'm just saying it's hard for me to respond to a lot of these posts, because I haven't read the book you're writing about. So I feel like I have little to bring to the table discussion wise. Even though I like reading what you have to say about them, because it gives me a vague sense of whether or not it's a book I might be interested in reading. Cause I am reading all your posts! I'll try to find something to pipe up about here and ther.